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democracy the roman republic britannica com - the roman republic at about the same time that popular government was introduced in greece it also appeared on the italian peninsula in the city of rome the romans called their system a r sp blica or republic from the latin r s meaning thing or affair and p blicus or p blica meaning public thus a republic was the thing that, democracy democracy or republic britannica com - democracy democracy or republic is democracy the most appropriate name for a large scale representative system such as that of the early united states at the end of the 18th century the history of the terms whose literal meaning is rule by the people democracy and republic left the answer unclear, history of citizenship wikipedia - history of citizenship describes the changing relation between an individual and the state commonly known as citizenship citizenship is generally identified not as an aspect of eastern civilization but of western civilization, science and democracy political science oxford - introduction the relation of science and democracy is an ancient conundrum that continues to generate public controversy whenever science produces an inconvenient truth as al gore famously calls the science of climate change democratic governments may be tempted to ignore or suppress it, books nyu press nyu press - publisher of academic books and electronic media publishing for general interest and in a wide variety of fields, lgbt politics in the united states political science - the american lesbian gay bisexual and transgender lgbt political movement has its roots in the post world war ii era through the 1950s and 1960s early lgbt groups focused on social mobilization and education with limited observable political activities political activity increased in the, american political development university of missouri st - american political development a bibliography for teaching and research prepared by dave robertson last updated december 23 2015 see also the political economy bibliography environmental politics bibliography american political development syllabus, article i the united states constitution - the 13th amendment abolished slavery and the 14th amendment provided that representation would be determined according to the whole number of persons in each state not by the three fifths of the slaves, university of pennsylvania press on jstor - the university of pennsylvania press exists to publish meritorious works that advance scholarly research and educational objectives the chief task of the staff of the press is to continue building a publishing program that is influential and innovative a program that addresses the needs of scholars teachers students professionals and the, populist radical right parties in europe by cas mudde - the most comprehensive exhaustive and analytically penetrating study of the populist right in europe both west and east by extending the analysis into eastern europe cas mudde makes a convincing case that contemporary right wing populism is above all a revival of nativism, constitution of the commonwealth of puerto rico - constitution of the commonwealth of puerto rico we the people of puerto rico in order to organize ourselves politically on a fully democratic basis to promote the general welfare and to secure for ourselves and our posterity the complete enjoyment of human rights placing our trust in almighty god do ordain and establish this constitution, british monarchy must apologize on 70th year of - in the sphere of global governance what stephanie wolf describes as a redress and reparation movement is fast becoming an essential element of national as well as international policy formulation, article ii the united states constitution - the 12th amendment superseded this clause after the election of 1800 in which thomas jefferson and his running mate aaron burr received identical votes and both claimed the office, the european revolution of 1848 reactionary dynasties - widespread social chaos allows an assertion of reactionary governmental authority the projected pan slav congress convened as arranged in prague in early june, refworld violence against women in south africa state - the new south african government has pledged to ensure women a full and equal role in every aspect of the economy and society yet south african women continue to face extraordinarily high levels of violence which prevent them from enjoying the rights they are guaranteed under the new dispensation